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The School offers:
  • Basic Course of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

  • Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Studies

  • Summer School for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

  • Course for Nurses

  • Clinical Internships/practice at Personality Disorders Treatment Ward of J. Babinski Specialist Hospital in Krakow, Poland.

The offer of clinical practice for trainees and students 

Krakow School for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in cooperation with Personality Disorders Treatment Ward of J. Babinski Specialist Hospital in Krakow enable its trainees a clinical practice in a field of psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and students learning of rapport with patients.

For KSPP trainees:
Within Personality Disorders and Neurosis Treatment Ward (OLZO) an undertaking of clinical work under regular supervision of the KSPP and OLZO team members is possible.

For psychology and medical students considering training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy:

An open offer of participation in weekly meetings of Student Circle for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and learning of basic elements of patient-therapist contact. Students meet the patients treated in OLZO under therapists’ supervision. Once a week a meeting of the group with a leader of the student circle, in order to discuss phenomena in contact with patient, is held.

For information about clinical practice and the Student Circle meetings please contact:
Katarzyna Synowka, mobile: 606 938 302.

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