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What is Psychoanalytic
Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is an integral approach of various psychoanalytic schools – ego psychology, object relation theory and self psychology, and practical application of these theories to a treatment of psychogenic disturbances. The characteristic feature of the presented approach is its clinical character: understood as careful concentration both on patient’s psychopathology and treatment process. The specificity of psychoanalytic approach, which differ it from other therapeutic approaches including psychodynamic, is precise formulation of the patient’s emotional functioning and its interpretative usage, specific analytic diagnosis – of particular patient in particular therapeutic relationship.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is a recognized and professionally acknowledged conception worldwide, which in recent years is also being developed in Poland. Proposed didactic program which aim is to hand down the synthesis of theory and psychotherapeutic practice in this convention, has been prepared during many years’ training and cooperation of the authors with distinguished psychoanalysts and psychodynamic psychotherapists.
Duration of basic psychotherapeutic training lasts 4-5 years, and its essential elements are: theory, supervision, and personal training psychotherapy.
The school for psychoanalytic psychotherapy is conceived as 5-year training cycle. The Studies offers theoretic, supervisory, and practical development and deepening of basic training. Every module realizes these three training areas. During every level decision of continuation or resignation of training is possible. As course classes are performed cyclically, 1-year break and continuation of the next level afterwards is possible.
KSPP Outpatient's Clinic: Kraków, Śliska str. 16/2. Phone: +48 576 305 609.
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